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The possibility of a litigation-free workplace starts with preventative
measures made long before disputes arise.  By providing our clients
with day-to-day advice and long-term planning, we are able to
prevent disputes and, when it becomes necessary, provide the best
representation in litigation.  
We strongly advocate the creation and maintenance of workplace policies, handbooks and
trainings to foster an environment that "works" for both the employer and employee.   We are able
to design and customize employee and manager training on harassment, discrimination, wage
and hour compliance, diversity and cultural sensitivity in the workplace.

Mediation services are provided by Lester Jones.  Lester's mediation
practice focuses on simple and complex disputes in all areas of
employment law including, harassment, discrimination, breach of
contract, wage and hour and wrongful termination.  Lester is
committed to the resolution of disputes and works to find solutions that
fit the case and the parties.  He is adept at handling volatile and
sensitive cases, with particular focus on gender and cultural issues.  


Our attorneys have years of experience
litigating labor and employment cases,
including claims for breach of contract,
discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and
hour violations, wrongful termination,
defamation, intentional and negligent acts
and emotional distress.

While we understand that trials are sometimes
inevitable, we strive to find creative resolutions
early in the case to control costs. Through our
experience, we are able to assess risk and
evaluate settlement options. If early resolution
is not possible, we will forcefully advocate on
behalf our client through trial.

Internship Law

For information on our services pertaining to internship law, visit our internship law site.



State and federal laws impose an obligation on
employers to promptly and efficiently investigate
any complaints of harassment or discrimination in
the workplace.  Employers may also find the
need to investigate other issues of a sensitive
nature (theft, safety, etc.) before deciding on a
course of action.

Using an independent investigator provides you
with an unbiased, well-trained individual who
intimately understands employment law and
privacy rights, preserves evidence, skillfully
interviews witnesses and properly communicates