Yasinski & Jones, LLP
  a n   e m p l o y m e n t   l a w   f i r m
Your Work +
Our Work =
  Creative Solutions

* Advice & Counseling
* Policy Creation & Review
* Mediation
* Litigation
* Workforce Training
* Workplace Investigations
* Diversity Training & Consulting


Yasinski & Jones are featured in "Pasadena Magazine Top Attorney of 2012"

Exactly . . . .

What You're Looking For:
We are a law firm exclusively focused on the
practice of employment law.  From litigating a
sexual harassment case to mediating a wrongful
termination to investigating wrongdoing in the
workplace, we are committed to finding practical
and efficient solutions for your workplace or
job-related issue.  

How You Want It Done:
Customized client service makes what we do
possible.  And enjoyable.  Our clients are our
business and we strive to provide quality work at
competitive rates.  We will work with you to devise
strategies and solutions that fit.
No cookie cutter stuff here.